Lab Rescue in 2013

LABRADOR RESCUE has helped with the following dogs in 2013

Marley Marley
Marley was on death row and Richmond Nelson Pound but, with some quick work was given a new home with Dave and Janine in Hamilton who are working on his cat chasing/chicken killing issues. Awesome Christmas present for Marley.
Louie Part 2
Louie Part 2
LOUIE – part 2
We re-homed Louie (with George) back in July but unfortunately it didn’t work out with his new owners and I was asked to find another home for him. Louie had decided he had a taste for chickens (what is it with dogs and chickens). Luckily finding a home for louie this time around was a lot quicker and he now lives in the outer Hamilton area with an extended family and loves his swimming in the pool and lake and outings with his new family.
Max Max
Max’s owner unfortunately had to go into a specialist care home so Max needed to be rehomed. Max 7 years old and is very sociable and loves company. John immediately came to mind when I heard about Max. I contacted John and told him Max’s story and sent him photos of Max and John picked Max up on Friday 18th October and has settled in really well with his new family.
Roxy Roxy
Roxy’s owners went back to the UK and left Roxy behind at their old house. Roxy aka “brown dog” now lives with a great family in Auckland and even came on one of our walks with us. She has beautiful manners and loves her cuddles and makes a very good “bat dog” when playing batman and robin with the kids.
Buddy1 Buddy
Buddy previous owner unfortunately died and as he does not like cats could not stay with the extended family. Liz fell in love with Buddy and travelled up from Taupo to meet him. “Everyone who meets him thinks he is gorgeous – as he is! He loves his swims in the Lake and river. A great mate and I am so lucky to have him”
JULY 2013
George Male 8 years George Male 8 years
Louie Male 5 years Louie Male 5 years
George & Louie
George & Louie’s parents were moving to Australia and couldn’t take them with them as they were moving into an apartment. We were trying to find George and Louie a home together which took a few months but we eventually succeeded and they ended up together in a lovely new home with kids and a 5 acre lifestyle block and a holiday home by the beach.
JUNE 2013
Ned Ned
Ned has a special place in my heart, mainly because I adopted him, I took one look and fell in love.
I am Ned’s third home in his short two years and he is now at his forever home with his playmate Daisy. I adore them both and wouldn’t be without them.
Trixie Trixie
The gorgeous Trixie was spoilt for choice with people wanting her and she found a new home up North on a lifestyle block with a young family to play with. She is a very happy and contented girl “she’s a wonderful dog, we love her! She’s fitting in so well with her lovely nature and is enjoying life with us”