Lab Walk Whitford forest Sun 30th March

Sunday 30th March 9.30am at Whitford Forest
WhitfordWalk3Nineteen Labradors and 20 plus people had a wonderful Lab Club walk in the Whitford Forestry. The day was perfect and those dogs didn’t stop smiling all morning. There were scents of rabbit, pheasant, possum, and pigs; yes we met a pig hunter — plus trophy on our way back to the cars.

If you haven’t been on a walk try it. Some folk worry that their dogs won’t behave. Magically they do. They follow each other, the humans and don’t wander off — and they are polite to each other. Most of us had a well deserved coffee at Amy’s Cafe by the creek in Whitford and discussed topics as far ranging as putting lime on the paddocks to the involvement of animals in war.